Our team

The Align Health team has been hand-picked to deliver exceptional care for our clients. You'll be looked after by leading experts in physiotherapy, hand injuries, scar management and headaches and migraines.

Physiotherapy Team

Barb Harris

Katherine Ludbrook

Nicole Greidanus

Kat Rogers

Hamish Lockwood

Victoria Donoghue

Trish Johnson

Naomi Carter

Izzy Cochrane

Jaana Bichan

Hayley Dibley

Lydia McTamney

Jonny McKee

Jess Blair

Chelsea Bain

Hand Therapy Team

Caroline Hartstone


Aleisha Haworth

Occupational Therapist

Rebecca Ralph

Occupational Therapist

Deane Bell

Occupational Therapist

Kate Ward


Sarah Sisterson

Occupational Therapist

Lauren Spring

Occupational Therapist

Robyn Baldwin

Occupational Therapist

Administration Team

Bridget Stuart

Judi Payne

Liv Johnson

Mary-Ellen Devon

Michelle Cook

Natalie Hall

Krisdel Beeney

Jane Collins

Ali Brooks