Emmanuel Duren


Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry)
Auckland University of Technology

Located in Cambridge & Leamington 

Emmanuel is a skilled Podiatrist with broad expertise across a range of injuries and conditions affecting the toes, feet and lower limb.

Emmanuel is an experienced Podiatrist with a reputation for providing exceptional care to his clients. He helps clients with a range of conditions including toenails issues (ingrown toenails and infected nails), foot, heel and leg pain, skin problems (corns, calluses, thick and cracked heels, verrucae) and ACC injuries.

He has a special interest in performing nail surgeries and he finds it hugely satisfying being able to help provide relief to clients suffering from severe pain and infection in their toenails.

Emmanuel runs clinics at our Cambridge and Leamington practices and is also onsite at local aged care facilities in Cambridge.

If you've suffered an injury to your foot or lower leg or need help treating long-term foot or toenail pain — book a consultation with Emmanuel today.