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Aleisha Haworth

Hand and Upper Limb Therapy

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Otago Polytechnic

Located in Cambridge & Te Awamutu

Aleisha is a skilled Hand Therapist, bringing a fresh and thoughtful approach to client care.

Born and bred here in Hamilton, Aleisha holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Otago Polytechnic and has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Hand and Upper Limb Therapy (AUT) to become a Registered Hand Therapist.

She’s worked in a range of clinical settings, gaining valuable expertise in various areas of hand therapy, including fractures, tendon injuries, burns and scars. Alongside her role in the Hand Therapy team at Align Health, Aleisha also works within Hand Therapy at Waikato Hospital.

Aleisha is passionate about providing holistic care to clients with Hand and Upper limb injuries. She loves helping clients improve and regain their hand function and mobility following an injury or as the result of a longer standing condition.