Mikayla Lewis

BradCliff® Certified & Musculoskeletal

Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Otago University

Located in Leamington

Mikayla is a experienced musculoskeletal and BradCliff® Certified Physiotherapist - providing expert treatment of Respiratory & Breathing conditions.

Originally from Methven in Canterbury, Mikayla holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Otago) and has 6+ years’ experience working as a Physiotherapist in a variety of clinical settings.

Mikayla’s introduction to physiotherapy came about after her father fell from a rooftop when she was 13-years-old. Bearing witness to his rehabilitation process inspired her to pursue a career helping other people get back to their best. This caring nature is still on display today in her dedication to her clients at all life stages.

Mikayla plays a key role in our Aged Health team and is onsite each day at various aged health facilities throughout Cambridge. Helping older clients keep active and stay fit for a more independent way of life is something Mikayla is very passionate about. 

Mikayla is a Level II BradCliff® Certified practitioner providing expertise in the treatment of respiratory conditions including lung clearance, breathing pattern disorders, and hyperventilation syndrome.

If you need help to optimise your breathing, recover from pain or an injury or build your strength, performance and function — book a consultation with Mikayla today.