Pre & Post Operative Physiotherapy

Clinical research shows the importance of physiotherapy in achieving the best outcome from your operation.

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

Prehabilitation (or prehab) involves working with one of our physiotherapist team to prepare, condition and strengthen your body for your operation. We encourage our clients to prepare for an operation the way that an athlete will prepare for an event. Maximising function prior to your operation helps you to maintain a normal level of function during and after your operation. During prehab, we'll complete a full assessment to understand your symptoms and functional concerns. We'll assess your joint movement, alignment and strength, and create an individualised treatment and exercise programme tailored to you.

Pre-habilitation is key to ensuring the optimal outcome from your operation

  • Reduced admission to inpatient rehabilitation wards

  • Improved function and recovery rates

  • Reduced hospital length of stay

Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Our team provides physiotherapy, hand therapy and podiatry for all of your post-operative needs. Our team will work closely with your specialist to ensure the optimal care and best outcome for you.