Rachael Harper

Nail & Skin and Musculoskeletal Injuries

Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry)

Bachelor of Science (Microbiology and Genetics) 

Located in Cambridge & Te Awamutu

Rachael Harper is a highly experienced and accomplished Podiatrist and a Clinical Director at Align Health.

Rachael has 14+ years’ experience as a Podiatrist and leads the Podiatry team at Align Health. As a registered member of the Podiatrists Board of New Zealand, she is highly competent in all areas of Podiatry and has a special interest in treating in-grown toenails and musculoskeletal injuries of the foot.

Born and bred in the Waikato, Rachael spent much of her childhood performing ballet. Ballet is an art form known for being demanding on the feet, which is how Rachael discovered her interest in and talent for Podiatry. Rachael holds a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology and Genetics) and a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) from AUT. 

Rachael finds great reward in regular clients recommending her to family and friends, as this demonstrates that she’s not only helping people and building great relationships, but also making a real difference in their lives. 

Rachael works at our Cambridge and Te Awamutu clinics.

If you need help for an injury or condition affecting the foot or lower leg, book a consultation with Rachael today.