Our services

Need help with an injury or condition that is getting in the way of life? Pain and discomfort can affect all aspects of our lives – not just our ability to move freely. But also our mental health and well-being, our relationships, our work, our balance. That’s where we can help. Our skilled and experienced team will listen to your story and tailor a plan just for you – to get you back to your best.

Hand Therapy

Our hand therapy (hand physio) team are experts in the treatment of hand, wrist and elbow injuries and conditions.


Using hands on skills and in-depth knowledge, our team will diagnose and treat your injury or condition to help you get back to your best.

Women’s & Pelvic Health

Our pelvic floor physiotherapists are here to help you improve your pelvic floor function and treat pre and post pregnancy conditions.

Headaches & Migraines

Our headache & migraine team apply leading research and techniques to treat and relieve headaches, migraines and post-concussion syndrome.

Pre & Post-Operative

Physiotherapy - both before and after your operation - is key to achieving the best outcome and restoring your function as fast as possible.

Scar Therapy

Our experienced Scar Therapy team are specially trained to minimise scars and help you to achieve optimal function and cosmetic appearance.

Aged Health

Our highly skilled aged health team are passionate about supporting you to keep stronger, for longer.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates is ideal for injury prevention and rehabilitation and for enhancing performance.