Caroline Hartstone

Hand Therapy, Osteoarthritis & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy)

Located at Anglesea (Hamilton)

Caroline is a highly experienced Hand Therapist, with 15+ years experience in her field.

Caroline helps clients with a wide range of upper limb conditions, such as fractures of the finger and hand, tendon and ligament injuries, post-op rehabilitation and osteoarthritis. Working closely with local Plastic and Orthopaedic Specialists, Caroline develops treatment plans to help her clients regain mobility and function and alleviate pain and discomfort.  

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) from AUT and has completed intensive postgraduate study in the Hand & Upper Limb to become a Registered Hand Therapist. Caroline has also completed post graduate study in Western Acupuncture and incorporated this in her treatment for clients where appropriate. 

Caroline’s began her Physiotherapy career as a Rotational Physiotherapist at Waikato Hospital, working across a number of different departments, including Orthopaedics, Burns, Hand Therapy, Medical and Surgical. Working in the United Kingdom, Caroline gained experienced in both public and private hospitals, and within the community.

Caroline is a valued and highly respected member Hand Therapy team at Align Health. Her passion for helping people, particularly when it comes to reaching their functional goals and returning to doing what they love, has been the driving force in her nearly 20-year career.

If you’ve suffered an injury or have a longer term condition affecting your elbow, hand or finger, make an appointment to see Caroline today.